Past Meetings

2008 AGM Annual General Meeting 2008
2008 March Meeting BIND Name Server Administration
2008 February Meeting Dell Ubuntu Linux, LCA09 Tasmania
2008 January Meeting Linux at White Wind Zen Community, Nokia Linux PDAs and Cell Phone Integration
2007 December Meeting Wireless Networking at Storm, OCLUG web tools
2007 November Meeting Remind Calendar Tool, ASUS eeePC
2007 October Meeting Backups with amanda 2.5.xx
2007 September Tutorial OpenWRT Linux on the WRT54GL
2007 September Meeting Linux on WRT54GL, Bembed, Webcams
2007 August Meeting Building a Coding Dojo, Future of OSS scientific software
2007 LITW Linux in the Wild
2007 June Meeting One Laptop per Child
2007 May Tutorial Redesigning the OCLUG web site with Django
2007 May Meeting Linux on laptops lighting talks
2007 April Tutorial Inkscape
2007 AGM Annual General Meeting 2007, Transgaming/Cedega
2007 March Tutorial Introduction to GIT
2007 March Meeting Xen and virtualization
2007 February Meeting Asterisk and VoIP, Fractal Poetry
2007 January Meeting Window Manager Bakeoff
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