Past Meetings

2009 December Meeting Myth TV
2009 November Meeting Tracking code changes in a distributed environment
2009 October Meeting Virtualization panel
2009 Special Event Back to School With Linux
2009 September Meeting SED part 2 and Music production distros
2009 August Meeting SED stream editor
2009 LITW Linux in the Wild
2009 June Meeting Linux Distributions - Panel Discussion
2009 May Meeting New to Linux BOF summary and Regular Expressions
2009 Special Event End of School with Linux
2009 AGM Jamii OLPC, FOSSLC Summercamp, BOF Sessions
2009 March Meeting SETI and Wine
2009 February Meeting Australian Linux Conference, HDR photography
2009 January Meeting Linux and Photography
2008 December Meeting Shamir's Secret Sharing, QCad
2008 November Meeting Wordpress and etckeeper
2008 October Meeting Asterisk
2008 September Meeting OpenCOBOL and Django
2008 August Tutorial Kernel Walkthrough: The Boot Process
2008 August Meeting The REBOL thinking environment
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