Past Meetings

2016 August Meeting Overview of Intellectual Property Issues in Open-Source Software, ongoing projects update
2016 July Meeting LITW 2016
2016 July Meeting Rescheduled: Block box testing and short dashing presentation
2016 June Meeting Block box testing and short dashing presentation
2016 May Meeting Presentation frustrations and Block box testing
2016 April Meeting AGM, IPv6 talk, Presentation issues and maybe more
2016 March Meeting (Updated) Scanning Woes, Pandoc bugs, Let's Encrypt
2016 February Meeting Libreoffice and more
2016 January Meeting Ansible talk
2015 December Meeting Distro Talk 2015
2015 November Meeting Malware Reverse Engineering
2015 October Meeting Short topics and open talk night
2015 September Meeting Cancelled
2015 August Meeting Using browsers securely
2015 LITW LITW 2015
2015 June Meeting From Latex to Epub, and in between
2015 May Meeting FIRST Robotics Competition
2015 April Meeting AGM and mutt presentation
2015 March Meeting The GNU EMACS Editor
2015 February Meeting Short Topics and BoF
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